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Special Projects Office

The U.S. Embassy Ambassador's Girls Scholarship Program (AGSP)

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Africa Education Initiative (AEI) has been designed to improve educational opportunities for African children.

In Lesotho these funds are provided through the U.S. Embassy Ambassador's Girls' Scholarship Program which was exclusively for Basotho girls, but as of Fiscal Year 2008, now includes boys. The program supports scholarships for retention of girls and boys who would otherwise have no means of staying in school. Mentoring complements the scholarship program to inspire and encourage children in their educational pursuits. For this purpose, prominent Basotho women have been identified to assist in this respect. One component of the program is to support a focus on HIV/AIDS mitigation and prevention for these children.


The Lesotho program was launched in June 2005 after a Letter of Agreement was signed between Winrock International (a prime contractor for USAID) and Lesotho Save the Children (LSC) (their implementing organization).  As of Fiscal Year 2010, scholarships are being awarded to 163 Basotho children in primary and secondary (Form A, B, and C) schools, grades 2 to 10.  

Current AGSP Status

Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting applications for the AGSP.